Hair Loss Review

Hair loss can be annoying and embarrassing, but if you are experiencing hair loss in any degree, there are plenty of products available to help you regrow your hair.

In a recent study of the top hair loss products, there were several products that were tested as to their effectiveness in regrowing hair. There were 18 products that were tested, but only one came out on top. The products were graded on the following scale:

1. Percentage of users who saw hair regrowth
2. Length of time required for hair regrowth to start
3. Overall improvement in appearance of hair regrowth.

At the conclusion of this product test that lasted almost a complete 12 months, the product that came in at the top of the list was called ProRestora. It was unique in that over 92% of the people who used it were able to see hair regrowth, whereas most products had a success rate of only 80% or less.

ProRestora was also unique in that it began to work in just 2 months, where most products did not begin to work for 3-4 months. This is due to the fact that ProRestora contains active ingredients that are FDA approved to regrow hair, whereas many of the other products contained supplements that definitely helped regrow hair, but that were not FDA approved.

ProRestora was unique from the other products tested in that it contains two parts. It contains a topical solution and an oral supplement. When both the topical and oral supplement are combined and used on a daily basis, the rate of success became much greater than that of the competing products.

If you are serious about regrowing your hair, the best advice anyone can give you is to check out the ProRestora website and see if it might be right for you. Chances are you will fall into the 92% of users who saw a lot of success while using it.